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We are fraud-busters. We force management teams to answer to their shareholders by exposing deceptive accounting and other improper corporate practices.

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We use forensic accounting, fundamental analysis, big data, and topical expert resources to develop our short ideas.

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Our research has been recognized by the investor community and regulatory bodies. Our reports have preceded numerous corporate financial restatements, filing delays, management and Board resignations, and shareholder lawsuits.


  • Restated financials for multiple years due to material errors in reporting
  • Failed to file quarterly and annual reports on time due to emerging accounting problems
  • Received Nasdaq delisting notification as stock price remained below $1.00


  • Dramatically expanded its organic growth disclosures in its first quarterly filing following our research report, clarifying that negative organic growth was occurring
  • CEO resigned
  • Chief Accounting Officer resigned
  • General Counsel resigned
  • In shareholder lawsuit that followed our report, judge stated “AdaptHealth did not explain that this [organic revenue growth reporting] was a change from its prior revenue reporting”


  • Failed to file annual report on time due to accounting problems
  • CFO departure, COO resigned, and founder resigned from Board
  • Financial restatement included acknowledgment of having improperly capitalized costs that should have been expensed as incurred

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We invest months and sometimes years uncovering corporations’ financial misdeeds. This includes in-depth reviews both of what companies publish and what is obscured.

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Our research is available free of charge to the public. We publish our research on this website and share additional insights on our Twitter page.

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At Jehoshaphat Research, forensic accountants, criminal investigators, journalists, lawyers, and investment professionals join together to learn from each other and uncover the truth.

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